Featured on Chris Lynch’s pages and NewsTalk ZB at a time Christchurch CBD were dealing with the construction of the new Accessible City by upgrading the roads to allow for cycleways to be built but this is also causing dangerous and confusing situations on the roads for other vehicles. Blog link

In February of 2017, Christchurch was dealing with wild fires on the Port Hills where a helicopter pilot crashed and died from trying to fight them. I was able to capture the crash scene and emergency services attending the accident which was a very sad moment for everyone. Blog Link

After the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 some parts of Christchurch haven’t reopened yet and the closed off road from Lyttelton to Sumner is one of them. 2015 I was one of the first people to video the whole road to show what it was like. The video was played all over the news here in New Zealand and around the world because it really showed how much hasn’t really moved on since the earthquakes 4 years earlier. Blog Link

A drone’s view of Christchurch was another popular video that made it onto the news and various social media sites around New Zealand showcasing the damage from the earthquakes but also how the city has moved on from then from a drone’s point of view. Blog Link


Wave clouds over Christchurch. Blog link


The Christchurch Police Building Coming Down

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