August 31, 2018 YeahNah

A 360° View of the Christchurch Rebuild

Every day there is something new changing in Christchurch but some of the bigger projects are slowly taking shape. Here is a video to show you what Christchurch’s rebuild progress is like.

– The Cathedral progress has just been confirmed and so will take another 10 years or so.
– Turanga, Central library is opening this year in October.
– The Convention Centre, Te Pae will open in 2020.
– The Margaret Mahy Playground opened in 2016
– The East Frame apartments are bing built and should be ready next year in 2019.
– The Justice and Emergency Services Precinct was opened this year, 2018.
– Hoyts EntX will open this year, 2018.
– The Terraces has mostly opened this year, 2018
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