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Opinion: Emirates Team New Zealand Will Lose the American’s Cup to Oracle Team USA

Emirates Team New Zealand have won the 35th America’s Cup in 7-1 over Oracle Team USA.

My thoughts on this article are at the bottom.

Emirates Team New Zealand will lose the American’s Cup to Oracle Team USA from what I saw in race 12 between Team New Zealand and Oracle because of a lack of killer instinct- No Mercy – Mongrel. This is just an opinion from a Team New Zealand fan, Kiwi, and a excited fan of the America’s Cup.

Race 12 was to be the big showdown of the qualifiying series between Team New Zealand and Oracle to see who will take an extra point to the America’s Cup with Team New Zealand can make it.

The reason I feel that Team New Zealand will lose is in short they don’t have the killer instinct for match racing that Oracle and some of the other teams in the Louis Vuitton Series.

There were two passes in the race, one to each Oracle and Team New Zealand but it was only Oracle that showed no mercy that they are here to win and put off the other boat in the race.

Oracle Team USA pass

Oracle did a dial down move and tried to push Team New Zealand down which slows them down but also could give them a penatly

Emirates Team New Zealand pass

Team New Zealand on the other hand just sails pass without trying to force Oracle down which means Team New Zealand can keep their speed up but it also allows Oracle to do the same. You could say Team New Zealand was ahead a bit more and didn’t need to but Oracle just sail by and get the lead back.


Maybe Oracle just are better match racers but it is this killer instinct/ No Mercy attitude that I am talking about. This is part of sailing and racing in the America’s Cup which Jimmy Spithill and Oracle Team USA have shown and will use it if they need to to win the race but Team New Zealand haven’t shown any of this and almost seems like they are too nice or too naive and think they can win the Lious Vuitton Cup and hopefully the America’s Cup on speed and skill.

I think we are going to be beaten because we are too nice.

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I was so wrong. Team New Zealand, Peter Burling, Glen Ashby and Blair Tuke were a complete class above everyone and outclassed Jimmy Spithill and Oracle in all facets of the America’s Cup. Even in the starts where many people thought Oracle would win, Team New Zealand were all over Oracle. Even preforming Manoeuvres that haven’t been seen in this class. But like Peter Burling said that they are on a step learning curve and with the harden racing of the Louis Vuitton, that made them a much tough compititor than Oracle had anticipated. Well done to Team New Zealand the boys for proving us(me) wrong and showing your skill in one of the toughest sporting events around.




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