May 9, 2017 YeahNah

Monarch Butterflies Around Christchurch

So this time last year (2016) I read a couple of bloggers posts about Monarch butterflies around Christchurch and saw their photos. They looked amazing and I went on my own search for them but either I was too late, wrong place or I just couldn’t find them.

This year I tried again and found them and was blown away to see hundreds of them just hanging on a tree. Below are a few photos I took with video coming soon.

Monarch Butterflies Around Christchurch

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The places I went to in Christchurch were Woodham Park and Redwood Park.

Woodham Park – There is a Ginko (Yellow leaves) tree near the playground.

Redwood Park – If you start from the carpark off Main North Road. The tree is behind the tennis court right next to the pathway (second tree from the fence).

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