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Christchurch Central City Streets: Are they too dangerous? (Opinion)

Christchurch Central City Streets: Are they too dangerous?

So I recently made a short video about the roads here in central city Christchurch about how they are very narror and causing dangerous situations. The video has taken off thanks to Chris Lynch a local NZnewstalk radio host sharing the video. But it has opened a bit of a can of worms with many Christchurch residents not happy with how the Christchurch City Council have gone about planning and implementing it and now that the roads have been built are now saying they may have to go back and review them.
Are they wasting millions of dollors of our rates on these plans or do they just don’t care really about what the majority of people think?

Recently the Christchurch City Council have started to build more cycleways around the intercity of Christchurch but this has made the roads a lot narrower for cars, buses and other vehicles. In some situations it has made it dangerous as oversized vehicles drive over the centreline like you see in this video.
Have the Christchurch City Council wasted millions of dollars on this design in making unsafe roads?

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