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Giant Arcade Game ‘Super Street Arcade’ Hits the Streets of Christchurch

Giant Arcade Game ‘Super Street Arcade‘ Hits the Streets of Christchurch this summer. What is a world’s first, this giant game on the corner of Tuam St and High St is proving to be a hit.

The giant controller which has a joystick and two buttons has been placed on one side of the road and on the opposite side on the new Vodafone building is the giant screen. The game itself requires two people to play it so you’ll need a friend to control the game’s character to shoot the cones and aliens. Seems easy but it does require a friend with some skill. Maybe a stranger can help you out if you don’t have one.

The attraction is just another project by the people at Gap Filler that are best known for other projects like Dance-O-Mat, Retro Sports Facility and Pallet Pavillion

Gap Filler was initially formed in response to the September 2010 earthquake in Christchurch, then expanded after the February 2011 quake. It is supported by the Gap Filler Trust and is a registered charity.
Gap Filler is a creative urban regeneration initiative that generates a wide range of temporary projects, events, installations and amenities in the city.
(Quoted from their website)

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