September 3, 2016 YeahNah

Things to do in Christchurch: The Gondola

So you are coming to Christchurch or living in Christchurch and you want something to see or do well you are at the right place.  Well sort of.  Each week we’ll try to bring you a new video or at least a blog of something you can do here in Christchurch, The Garden City of New Zealand.  They won’t be your typical videos explaing what it is and how much it will cost you but more of a insight to what to expect.

Check out the Christchurch Gondola. It has been apart of Christchurch for over 20 years now and provides a simple way up the Port Hills to see the spectaculur 360 degree views of Lyttleton and Christchurch city.

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Closed off Sumner Road:
Drone video of Christchurch

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