June 24, 2016 YeahNah

Cows Feeding in New Zealand in VR/360 Video

Lately I have been using my Samsung Gear 360 camera a little bit too much but the content I am showing is really cool to look at like the video of cows feeding on hay. You can get really close to them and be able to view anywhere around you.  You are able to feel like you are there and can almost touch the cows while they eat, poo and move around you.  If you try to watch it with either Google Cardboard or some other VR headset then you’ll feel like you are there.

Cows in New Zealand Feeding: A 360 VR Video
This is a 360 VR video of some cows feeding. It gives you a sense of actually being there. You can almost touch them. It is best watched on Google Cardboard viewer or any VR headset.
We hope to bring you more videos like this including other types of animals.

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Living in New Zealand is a wonderful experience and we hope to bring you the foods, sights, sounds, culture and many more things about life in New Zealand.

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