June 20, 2016 YeahNah

The Christchurch Arts Centre: The Great Hall in 360° Video

Over the weekend the Great Hall in the Arts Centre of Christchurch opened up to the public to have a look around. I took the 360° camera down with the to get some cool footage of what the place looks like after the rebuild.

The Arts Centre is going through a bit of a rebuild after the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquake that caused a lot of damage to the most part of the inner city.  Finally some parts are starting to open up like the Great Hall and more will be opening up over the coming year. It is a very exciting time for Christchurch as the future is looking amazing now that the Arts Centre is coming alive.

You are able to now video bits of The Great Hall and the Arts Centre in 360°/ VR by moving your phone left to right or up and down or on a computer but click, hold and moving the mouse around.

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