April 13, 2016 YeahNah

A couple of my favourite videos I have made.

Over the last year of making videos for YouTube and various companies and brands, the two best videos I made or at least enjoyed making were the Closed Off Sumner Road video and the Graffiti on the High-Rise Buildings in Christchurch. Both are drone videos but both showcase the ever changing world of Christchurch after the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes that devastated Christchurch. Both sort of went viral and made it to national and international news. I think I even did an interview on OneNews too.

Here is the video of the Closed Off Sumner Road.

And here is the Graffiti/ Tagging of the high-rise buildings in Christchurch

I have been using a drone for just over a year now and love it and have gained a lot of experience and skills but when I shot these two videos I had a great idea but didn’t really have much in the way of skill for what I was doing.  The end results were much different but worth it.

One thing I haven’t really told anyone is that while taking the video for the Closed Off Sumner Road I crashed the drone and almost lost it into Lyttelton harbour.  Even funnier is that a week later when I went down to Omarama for my brother’s wedding I actually did lose the drone into the middle of Lake Aviemore while trying to get some amazing video of the lake. So it looks like the drone was destine for water.

Also for the two ladies in the Closed Off Sumner Road video, I actually didn’t see them throw the stones at the drone until I got home and watch the footage. But while taking the video I had a bit of a chat with them.  Nice ladies but had I known they had thrown stones at my drone then it may have been a bit of a different chat.

Anyway.  Thanks for reading this and watching my two most enjoyable videos. I hope to bring more like these two but with a clearer direction and a lot more skill.

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